IT4K12 - 2017

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ERAC Licensing Update

*Please Note: this session is member only. Vendors are not permitted.

Recent changes in the Microsoft licensing programs for K-12 education will mean big changes to the ERAC provincial licensing agreement for its members in the coming years.  ERAC’s current Enterprise Desktop agreement expires in early 2018 and we need your input as to what will best meet the needs of members going forward. The new Microsoft K-12 licensing program includes a “Cloud first” approach, changes to the software bundles available, pricing changes and significant changes to who must be licensed.  This member-only session will provide an overview of the changes and ask for your input on what you would like to see in the next Microsoft contract.

We will also discuss possible changes to the Adobe Creative Cloud agreement when it expires later in 2018 – and we will answer any questions you have about any other ERAC licenses of interest.

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Patricia Sheaves
Patricia Sheaves